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Counselling Children and Young People

Course Title: Key Theories and Skills in Counselling Children and Young People: An Integrative Approach
Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes
Cost: £35.00

In this training video Rebecca Kirkbride introduces her new book, ‘Key Theories and Skills in Counselling Children & Young People: An Integrative Approach’ (2021, London: Sage).

Part 1: Core Knowledge: Understanding Development from 0-18 years

In part one of the video, Rebecca introduces herself and her practice, before going on to offer the viewer a guide to the unique dynamic structure of the book. Rebecca describes how the book consists of four parts, details of which are included in the video. Together the parts offer a view of the process of working therapeutically with children and adolescents in terms of an integrative, ‘dynamic interplay model’. Rebecca explains that, as integrative child and adolescent practitioners, our approach to practice is rooted in an understanding of developmental factors along with legal and ethical principles. These provide the foundational understanding for how best to provide a therapeutic relationship that clients will be able to make use of, as well as the skills required to work with a range of interventions and clinical presentations.

Rebecca goes on to describe why this developmental understanding is so vital and uses a case study to illustrate. This section also includes an explanation of why environmental and systemic factors have a role to play in broadening our developmental understanding, before moving into part two.

Part 2: Key Skills: The Therapeutic Process

In part two of the video, Rebecca explains how the therapeutic process is rooted in this developmental understanding, describing the developmental implications for the referral process and the therapeutic alliance. Rebecca invites the viewer to explore the core conditions from a new perspective before looking at the therapeutic frame and skills for building rapport with child and adolescent clients.

Part 3: Key Skills: Interventions, Techniques & Strategies

In part three of the video Rebecca invites us to ‘branch out’ from the therapeutic alliance to consider therapeutic interventions as well as approaches to a range of clinical considerations. Part three focuses on two approaches to intervention; symbol and metaphor, and ‘Therapeutic chat’.

Part 4: Key Considerations: Contexts and Client Groups

In part four we explore contexts and client groups as Rebecca invites us to consider the different approaches required by practitioners seeing children and adolescents in educational settings as well as in private practice. The video concludes with the hope that this has been a useful exploration of this ‘dynamic interplay’ model for using an integrative approach to therapeutic practice with children and young people, as outlined in Kirkbride (2021) ‘Key Theories and Skills in Counselling Children and Young People: An Integrative Approach’ London: Sage.
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