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About Morit Heitzler

Morit Heitzler is an experienced therapist, supervisor and trainer with a private practice in Oxford.

She has been teaching on various training courses in the UK, Israel and in Europe, and regularly leads workshops and groups.

Through her work in Israel, at the Traumatic Stress Service of the Maudsley Hospital, the Oxford Stress and Trauma Centre, her supervision at Oxford Refugee Resource, as well as her private practice, Morit has gained experience in treating a wide variety of PTSD symptoms and traumatised clients, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Over two decades, she has been developing an integrative approach to trauma work, incorporating – within an overall relational perspective – Body Psychotherapy, attachment theory, EMDR, modern neuroscience and Family Constellations.

In recent years she has been focussing on delivering intermediate and advanced CPD and supervision for trauma therapists, specifically on integrating the various trauma therapies. More information can be found on her website:

Training courses by Morit Heitzler

Three perspectives on somatic work, exploring body-based interventions and countertransference through client examples.

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