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About Suzanne Worrica

Suzanne Worrica is an experienced Gestalt Therapy practitioner, trainer and group facilitator.

She is an experienced psychotherapist with extensive experience in the field of mental health including over 15 years delivering a service at Kensington & Chelsea Mind and the NHS and community counselling.

She teaches at Re-visionNature Therapy SchoolThe Gestalt Centre and designs and delivers workshops for psychotherapy/counselling training organisations and CIC’s.

Her particular interest is in integrating Gestalt therapy theory and somatic approaches with findings from neuroscience on the mind-body relationship. Her areas of research are relationship dynamics, relational trauma, embodied anxiety and intersections of identity.

Suzanne holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Nature Allied Psychotherapy, a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy and a Masters in Writing for Performance.

Training courses by Suzanne Worrica

Three expert speakers share their knowledge and experience of working with anxiety and different approaches that can be taken.

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