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Working with Avoidant Attachment

Course Title: An Attachment Approach to Therapy with “Avoidant” Clients
Duration: 3 hours 58 minutes

Trainers: Linda Cundy

Cost: £59.00

In this training attachment expert Linda Cundy helps us to understand our “avoidant” clients and how best to work therapeutically with this group of people.

“Avoidant” or Dismissing individuals can appear self-sufficient, aloof, and cut off from their emotions. They are often self-controlled and perfectionist, demanding high standards of themselves and other people.

They struggle to make and maintain intimate connections with others, including their therapists. But their relationship with themselves is equally fraught, with shame often at the core of their being underneath the defences. A spectrum from mild to extreme avoidance will be described, and also the coexistence of unresolved trauma.

In order to work effectively with these clients, we need to find ways to empathise with them and understand their defences.

From the perspective of contemporary attachment theory, this training focuses on assessment, presentation in therapy, and potential pitfalls. It proposes specific aims and areas of focus in our work with clients who can be difficult to engage, to warm to or to hold onto.


“Excellent workshop with Linda who is so knowledgeable – a real expert in her field. I learned so much.”

“Linda is extremely knowledgable and engaging and I feel there were things I learned that will be valuable to my work.”

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