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Working with Anxiously Attached Clients

Course Title: Working with Clients who are Anxiously Attached – Fear of Abandonment and Angry Protest
Duration: 2 hours 44 minutes

Trainers: Linda Cundy

Cost: £44.00

This training video with attachment expert Linda Cundy is essential viewing for therapists who are curious about those they work with who appear to be stuck in their therapeutic work or ‘difficult’ to work with. Linda Cundy explains the phenomenon of the client who is anxiously attached or ‘pre-occupied’, and how to identify such clients and how to work helpfully and empathically with those whose troubling pasts are played out in the therapy room.

In this video we will learn that people who are anxiously attached feel chronically insecure and that their relationships tend to be intense, often angry, and enmeshed. In therapy they can appear needy, demanding and resistant to change. They are sometimes referred to as ‘borderline borderline’. Many practitioners find ‘preoccupied’ clients difficult to work with, and these therapies either feel stuck or end badly.

This training video will help you to understanding and empathise with these ‘difficult’ clients from an attachment perspective. It will identify specific problems that often arise in therapy and propose a therapeutic model that enables the development of a sense of security and transformational long-term change.


Develop a better understanding and empathy with anxiously attached clients.

Identify common issues in working with this client group.

Learn a therapeutic model to aid in your work.

The video shown below is a trailer only. Once you have purchased this course you will be able to view the full video.