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The Well-Resourced Therapist

Course Title: The Well-Resourced Therapist
Duration: 58 minutes

Trainers: Miriam Taylor

Cost: £29.00

This video is part of our Trauma Masterclass series. To purchase the series in full, please click HERE.

Trauma impacts us all at some point in our lives. From the ‘everyday’ life trauma of loss and bereavement, to the tragic consequences of childhood sexual abuse, sudden adult trauma, and the effects of immediate, emotional and/or physical traumatic experiences. It is rare for the impacts of trauma to not be felt within the consulting room.

In this presentation we look at trauma from a relational field perspective. The message is about the necessity for therapist self-care – it is not a luxury but an integral part of the work. The presentation focuses on the resources available to the therapist and how we can increase our resilience to more comfortably bear witness without either dissociating or being pulled into trauma contagion.

Two simple concepts drawn from neuroscience research will be reconceptualised to help us consider the relationship in trauma therapy. Reference is made to the therapist’s own relationship to trauma, and Miriam also thinks about the ways in which we as individuals get pulled into helping.

Because trauma is fundamentally experienced in the body, of particular importance for both therapist and client are body-based resources related to safety, grounding and resilience, and attention is given to how we can use these. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their range of resources and how they might develop them further, and on the gains of the work which might include mutual healing.

Trainer Feedback

“Excellent. Very informative. I expected the best and the[training] has been more than this. Miriam is so knowledgeable and shares this in a very accessible way”

“It’s rare to find trauma training of this calibre within the profession.”

“Full, informative, guiding and clarifying with some good ideas for supporting traumatised clients that I can use in my practice. I felt the trainer’s ability to focus on all the parts of the dissociating client were extremely grounding and demonstrated safety in practice.”

“Very useful and well delivered. It met my expectations, I really enjoyed it. Miriam Taylor was very experienced, calm, and knowledgeable.”

“Miriam communicated clearly with obvious depth of experience and helpful examples and role play. A good solid training.”

“Thought provoking, expressive, interesting.”

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