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The Nuts and Bolts of Attachment Theory

Course Title: The Nuts and Bolts of Attachment Theory: Identifying Attachment Issues and Working with Them
Duration: 3 hours 38 minutes

Trainers: Victoria Settle

Cost: £59.00

In this workshop we look at the basics of Attachment Theory and explore how we can use our knowledge of attachment to identify clinical issues and work effectively with them. We start with a user friendly description of the different attachment styles, both secure and insecure, and from that as a base, we use Tori’s clinical work to explore attachment styles more deeply together.

After running through the basics of Attachment Theory in the first session, Tori brings clinical vignettes from their own work for us to consider. We will look at some typical presentations of avoidant and preoccupied attachment patterns in our clients and think about how to work with these different styles to enable our clients to form an earned security. We also think about our own attachment style, and how our attachment style impacts on our therapeutic interventions. We examine how patterns of care-seeking from our clients and patterns of care giving from us come together dynamically in the care exchange.

In the third and final session we think more specifically about how trauma disrupts our attachment patterns and how the complexities of working with trauma get expressed in the consulting room. We consider the impact of fear – in both clients and clinicians – on clinical work, and explore how to identify and work with dissociation.

Trainer Feedback

“I found Victoria Settle excellent in her clinical presentation and assessment.”

“I really liked Tori’s presentation as it brought the ideas discussed back to the practice of doing therapy in the room with a client.”

“I was particularly enthralled by Tori’s presentation.”

“I Particularly enjoyed Tori Settle’s presentation which I found so clearly explained and easy to digest.”

“I found Tori’s presentation to be exceptionally clear and easy to follow. I am very interested in Attachment theory so I gained much from her presentation.”


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