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Skin, Identity and the Gaze in Psychotherapy

Course Title: Body Image Conference – Skin, Identity and the Gaze in Psychotherapy
Duration: 4 hours 16 minutes
Cost: £59.00

We live in the same body all our lives, yet over time our bodies change, through the growing up and aging process, through the impact of ill-health or mishap, sometimes deliberately, and by design.

Our relationship with our bodies, our skin, our appearance can be complex and challenging.

In this conference our three speakers will consider the many ways we experience the skin we live in, how shame of our bodies influences our sense of self and identity, how men experience their bodies, and the meaning of ‘the gaze’.

Featuring three talks and a Q&A

Linda Cundy: “Attachment, Bodies and Skin”

Early relationships embody us, and skin defines what is inside – “me” – from what is outside – “others.” Skin contains our inner states, protects us from intrusion, and is the sensual interface between two bodies. This talk will explore the ways we experience skin, adorn it, attack it; but also how our skin can “attack” us through eczema, psoriasis, acne, odour and aging. What are the implications for relationships with other people and with ourselves?

Dr Nicole Schnackenberg: “Shame, Identity and the Embodied True Self”

We all have a body and we all have a relationship with that body. Our sense of self, including any embodied shame, impacts on this relationship; both on the felt physicality of the body and the perception of how it looks.

In this presentation we will consider how and why shame impacts on human identity and can come to be pinned onto the physical appearance; and the distress this can cause. We will explore the developmental and neurobiological underpinnings of shame and identity formation and consider how mindfulness-based practices can support the journey through experiences of appearance-focused distress.

Jeff Lane: “Are you looking at me?”

Jeff will explore how men see themselves and other men, how they get a sense of their identity as men and how this might play out in therapy with both men, women and couples. He will explore how men and women are portrayed in the media, art, comedy, music and advertising and will talk about the concepts of the male and female gaze.

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