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Shame, Identity and the Embodied True Self

Course Title: Shame, Identity and the Embodied True Self
Cost: £29.00

We all have a body and we all have a relationship with that body. Our sense of self, including any embodied shame, impacts on this relationship; both on the felt physicality of the body and the perception of how it looks.

In this presentation we consider how and why shame impacts on human identity and can come to be pinned onto the physical appearance; and the distress this can cause. We explore the developmental and neurobiological underpinnings of shame and identity formation and consider how mindfulness-based practices can support the journey through experiences of appearance-focused distress.

Trainer Feedback

“Nicole is superb – so compassionate, curious and warm. Her knowledge is fantastic but it’s her human touch and warm approach, and clear passion for her work that really make this magical.”

“The level of detail covered during the event and the follow up materials exceeded my expectations.”

“Nicole was incredibly informed, prepared, and knowledgeable on this subject and that shone through in how she delivered the training.”

“The event was engaging, informative, interesting, and packed with information and skills to take away for the therapist.”

“This was one of the best online workshops I have attended in a while. I left the day absolutely buzzing with enthusiasm and interest.”

“I think Nicole is exceptionally knowledgeable, her presence is calming and she manages the day with absolute precision.”

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