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Resilience in the Face of Trauma

Course Title: Resilience in the Face of Trauma
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Cost: £59.00

This is a seminar with world-renown trauma specialist Professor Mooli Lahad on the ‘Basic PH’ model and the ‘Six-Part Story’ method as a means to enable resilience and coping when working with traumatised clients in therapy.

Despite the dramatic effect of trauma and crisis on the human psyche and body, it is known that most people recover from traumatic experiences on their own accord. But do we know how these people manage to recover?

What are the therapeutic benefits of studying and focusing on the client’s resources rather than solely on their difficulties and pathology?

For almost 40 years now, Professor Mooli Lahad has studied the concept of resilience and how to assess it in the therapeutic dialogue as well as how to develop a therapeutic plan for the client based on their strengths.

Professor Lahad’s model of coping and resiliency, known as the ‘Basic PH’ model, was developed in the early 80’s and has been known and studied in many research and intervention projects worldwide. It was the first model to specifically describe resilience and coping as an on-going effort to manage life challenges. The model has been used widely in the aftermath of national and international disasters such as in the USA after the September 11th attacks, and the tsunamis in Sri Lanka (2004) and Japan (2011-14).

This seminar will focus on the theory and practice of assessing the coping resources of individuals as a gateway to therapy and as a guide to strengthening each client’s coping resources. The Psycho-linguistic methods Professor Lahad employs help the therapist be attuned to their clients’ resilience and coping as well as to their inner story.

We will be introduced to the practice of Six-Part Story Making [6PSM], a method developed by Professor Lahad, which allows client and therapist to work metaphorically with the client’s traumatic narrative. It is a method that will help the therapist to learn how to extract and understand the coping styles of their client, how to understand the client’s basic assumptions about the world and the main questions they are preoccupied with, and how therapist and client can plan the treatment therapy based on this “map”.

Following this seminar participants will:

– Know the BASIC PH model
– Be able to assess the BASIC PH using active listening method.
– Be able to use the 6PSM method and analyse at least 3 levels.
– Plan the intervention based on resources.

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