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Polyvagal Theory

Course Title: Polyvagal Theory: Therapeutic Presence and The Relational Space Between Us
Duration: 4 hours 22 minutes
Topics: ,

Trainers: Tony Buckley

Cost: £59.00

Polyvagal Theory is one of the most exciting therapeutic discoveries of the last 20 years and has the potential to change the the way that therapists practice.

This is a training workshop designed especially for counsellors and therapists who would like to deepen their understanding and application of Polyvagal Theory within the therapeutic relationship. In relation to the autonomic nervous system, Polyvagal Theory outlines 3 hierarchical subsystems, which evolved to respond adaptively to environmental (including relational) features of safety, danger and life threat (Porges, 2011). Viewers will learn about peripersonal neurons (Graziano, 2018) monitoring the space around us, and how both client and therapist react non-consciously to a variety of implicit relational cues which can stimulate behavioural responses through neuroception.

The workshop will invite exploration of concepts such as self /interactive regulation, attunement and therapeutic presence. Viewers can engage with a range of interactive exercises which closely examine the social engagement system but also interactive barriers which contribute to enactments and other ruptures within the relational field.

The overall emphasis is on repair and the implicit establishment of greater levels of safety within the therapeutic relationship. Therapists will learn a range of practical skills for enhancing relationships with clients in the service of therapeutic goals.

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