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Neurobiology, stress and trauma

Course Title: Stress and Trauma: Neurobiology and Clinical Applications
Duration: 2 hours 1 minute
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Cost: £35.00

The field of stress and trauma is where neurobiology and psychotherapy are really meeting and informing each other these days, where psychotherapy provides new challenges and directions for neurobiological research and also neurobiology provides new impulses and narratives for psychotherapy.

This presentation will address some of the processes involved in the formation and resolution of post-traumatic stress states as well as ordinary, non-traumatic, stress, where trauma is conceptualised as a form of extreme and transmarginal stress. It will present ways of helping clients to live better with traumatic memories and also clinical considerations helpful in the processing of trauma memories.

The presentation will consist of theory and clinical case material. Its focus will be on how we can make use of neuroscience to work therapeutically with our clients.

Viewers can expect:

  • To learn about the structure and function of the autonomic nervous system;
  • To learn the basics of polyvagal theory;
  • To learn something about pathways in the brain involved in basic self-regulatory processes;
  • To learn some principles of how self-regulation is affected in states of stress, both short-term and chronic;
  • To learn something about the parts of the brain involved in memory formation, both ordinary memories and traumatic memories;
  • To learn ways of helping dys-regulated clients to self regulate better and become less vulnerable to flashbacks and intrusive traumatic memories;
  • To learn about treatment options for processing traumatic memories.

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