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Nervous System Regulation and Polyvagal Theory

Course Title: Nervous System Regulation and Polyvagal Theory in the Therapeutic Space
Duration: 1 hour 32 minutes
Cost: £35.00
In this interactive session, Dr Nicole Schnackenberg explores the regulation of the autonomic nervous system as it relates both to Polyvagal Theory and the Window of Tolerance model.
She considers, and provides experience of, ways of building interoceptive awareness and an embodied understanding of sympathetic hyperarousal and parasympathetic hypoarousal.
She also looks at ways of helping our clients to expand their window of tolerance; alongside increasing their capacity to move through experiences of both depression and anxiety.
The session includes a number of helpful exercises for use with both adult and young people clients.
This recorded workshop can be watched as a standalone, or alongside Dr Schnackenberg’s recorded workshop on Considering the Sensory System, including Sensory System Profiling, in the Therapy Room, also available via Brighton Therapy Partnership and Therapy Education Online.

Trainer Testimonials

“Nicole is superb – so compassionate, curious and warm. Her knowledge is fantastic but it’s her human touch and warm approach, and clear passion for her work that really make this magical.”

“The level of detail covered during the event and the follow up materials exceeded my expectations.”

“Nicole was incredibly informed, prepared, and knowledgeable on this subject and that shone through in how she delivered the training.”

“The event was engaging, informative, interesting, and packed with information and skills to take away for the therapist.”

“This was one of the best online workshops I have attended in a while. I left the day absolutely buzzing with enthusiasm and interest.”

“I think Nicole is exceptionally knowledgeable, her presence is calming and she manages the day with absolute precision.”

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