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Here We Go Again: Repeating Patterns in Trauma

Course Title: Here We Go Again: Repeating Patterns in Trauma
Duration: 2 hours 23 minutes

Trainers: Miriam Taylor

Cost: £44.00

It is in the nature of trauma to show up in recursive patterns, through unprocessed and unformulated fragments of implicit memory. Without understanding of these processes, manifestations of repetition can seem puzzling and counter-intuitive; however, viewed through the lens of trauma, they have their own logic. Grounded in neurobiology, we consider repetitions as adaptations to trauma, and shed light on their function. We pay particular attention to the relational aspects of repetitions, in the form of enactments, shame, dissociated parts, intergenerational trauma and toxic relationships, and include the therapist’s own response to these. This workshop explores some of the ways we can recognise and make sense of these patterns in order to help the people we work with make meaning of their experience.


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