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Grief Behind Perspex: Navigating Trauma and Complexity in Bereavement

Course Title: Grief Behind Perspex: Navigating Trauma and Complexity in Bereavement
Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes
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Trainers: Tony Buckley

Cost: £29.00

This video is part of our Perspectives on Bereavement and Grief series. To purchase the series in full, please click HERE.

In this presentation Tony Buckley looks at what happens when there are complications to the grieving process, and what happens when people get ‘stuck’ in their grief.

This might be for a variety of reasons, including those arising from Covid-19 restrictions, which may have denied relatives their usual and natural impulses, ways of being there, and responding to the needs of a loved one during critical illness, and subsequent loss. For some this may result in patterns of delayed, inhibited and complex grief.

Tony explores and shares a number of somatic focused skills, working towards completion of grief through gestures or actions which can resolve activation patterns of traumatic grief and bereavement complications expressed through the body.

Trainer Feedback

“Such a warm and accessible presentation from Tony. I really enjoyed his workshop. Good to have some tools and suggestions on how to work with clients involving the body.”

“Tony was excellent and he always offers some useful tools to work with.”

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