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Embracing Compassion Focused Therapy – Theory and Practice

Course Title: Embracing Compassion Focused Therapy – Theory and Practice
Duration: 3 hours 51 minutes
Cost: £59.00

Compassion focused therapy (CFT) is a third wave therapy founded on a combination of principles from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Evolutionary Psychology and Attachment Theory.

It was developed to work specifically with clients who had high levels of shame and self-criticism and who had had early experiences of poor attachment, affiliation and affection.

CFT is now an increasingly popular therapeutic modality for a number of mental health difficulties – research into its effectiveness and acceptability as a transdiagnostic therapy has increased over the previous 10 years as the therapy has evolved.

This training covers the theory behind CFT as well as a number of reflections and exercises that can be used in practice. The training includes case studies from Erin that help illustrate how CFT can be used in formulation and practice.


During this  training, viewers will learn about:


The origins of CFT

  • The affect regulation model that underpins CFT
  • Compassion as flow – opening to compassion from others and ourselves as well as giving compassion outwardly
  • Various definitions and components of compassion, and how by developing a ‘compassionate mind’, we can help people to cultivate a more compassionate relationship with themselves and their distress.
  • The fears, blocks and resistances to self-compassion
  • The key skills and approaches used in CFT to develop a ‘compassionate mind’


By the end of the training viewers will have a firm understanding of the model of CFT as well as a plethora of exercises they can take into their practice.


“Very helpful – pulled together lots of theories I’m already applying (neuroscience, nervous system, relational, core conditions) and presented it in a practically applicable way. Loved the self compassion systems model especially.”

“Today gave me a massive additional insight into CFT. It was structured, delivered with huge enthusiasm and warmth”

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