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Breaks in Therapy: From Separation Anxiety to Security

Course Title: Breaks in Therapy: From Separation Anxiety to Security
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Trainers: Linda Cundy

Cost: £29.00

In this training video Linda Cundy considers how the way clients respond to breaks in therapy encapsulates their core pattern of attachment and defences against separation.

While some patients welcome time out, perhaps introducing extra breaks by missing sessions, others protest or collapse in the absence of the therapist.

Unexpected breaks due to therapists’ life events are particularly challenging and sometimes catastrophic. But, while the regularity and rhythms of therapy help to create a secure base, the spaces between appointments are essential, holding different meanings at different stages of the work.

Drawing on both Attachment Theory and the work of Winnicott, this presentation also considers the aim of psychotherapy and how breaks, including the therapist’s holidays and sabbaticals, provide essential developmental opportunities.


“I think Linda was excellent, deep thinking, challenging and helpful.”

“Really welcomed Linda’s case study material and loved the ‘Begonia’ example! Really lovely interaction between her and her client!”

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