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Attachment & Food

Course Title: On Feeding and Being Fed – Attachment and Food
Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes

Trainers: Linda Cundy

Cost: £39.00

This Training Video captures all the key learning points from our live training workshop with Linda Cundy on an attachment perspective to understanding our relationship with food.

From the start of life, feeding is a relational experience. The bond between caregiver and infant is brokered in the intimacy of feeding, and our attachment to food is an expression of the relationships we form with other people and ourselves. Our relationship with food expresses something of our attachment histories, secure or insecure: safety and security may be sought in eating or in refusal to eat.

This training video will help you to explore how our relationships with food are shaped in early life in the context of our first attachments, and how food mediates our relationships throughout life.

Throughout the video there will be opportunities for you to consider the place of food and eating in your own life and in the lives of your clients from an attachment perspective.

This Training Video also contains discussion summaries from the live workshop, and case studies which you can pause and reflect on.

This talk for Brighton Therapy Partnership was later expanded and developed into the book Attachment, Relationships and Food: From Cradle to Kitchen (Routledge, 2021).

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Please note that the “handout” that Linda refers to in the video is in reference to a print out of the presentation slides, which were made available to the delegates who attended the live workshop. These slides are included in the video, but are not available for download.

The video shown below is a trailer only. Once you have purchased this course you will be able to view the full video.